Wholesale Raw Body Wave Bundles

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Each order 3,6,9, is a bulk order.

For example: Pack 3 means- 3 bundles of that specific length... so... 3 bundles of 16 inches; same for pack of 6 & 9. It just means the number of bundles you will get. 

- All hair is triple checked before you receive to make sure your order is completed and will come with an invoice with every order!
  • All hair is 100% Peruvian sourced raw virgin hair. Contains no synthetic fibers, which expedites any matting or tangling
  • Custom wefts for undetectable installations and minimal to no shedding
  • Density: All bundles we carry are 110% or higher density for fullness
  • Life Expectancy: Lasts over 2 years with proper care
  • Seamless blend applications,can be colored easily

Average bundle weight is 3.25 oz